Rolling to Victory: Nico, the Young Boccia Champion from Oshawa

Boccia is a sport that requires precision, skill, and determination. One young player from Oshawa, Nico Iemma, is demonstrating just what it takes to succeed in the sport.

With the support of his family, the Durham Region Community of Parasport, and the X-clusive Boccia Ramp, the 14-year old has consistently earned medals as he rolls his way to victory.

The Durham 2023 Ontario Parasport Games are fast approaching and will take place from February 3-5. The event will bring together athletes, coaches, organizers, and fans from across the province to celebrate and showcase the skills and accomplishments of para-athletes.

Nico’s father, Patrick, is bursting with pride for his son’s achievements. He says, “The first 6 months, they told us he was not going to be able to speak or talk and seeing him do this now makes us proud. We wouldn’t be able to have done anything without the support of the Durham Community of Parasport; they’ve been amazing.”

The X-clusive Boccia Ramp has played a crucial role in Nico’s success. This ramp enables players to control the speed and direction of their shots with precision, giving them a competitive advantage on the court. Patrick acknowledges this, saying, “Nico is a player who can adapt to any circumstances and make the best out of it.”

Nico is eager for the upcoming games and hopes to continue his success. He says, “It is fun. I plan to do this for a long time.”

Aside from his athletic abilities, Nico is also a role model for many in the para-sports community. His positive attitude and determination to succeed, despite any challenges he may face, is an inspiration to others who are also looking to make their mark in the world of para-sports.

His story is a testament to the importance of community support and the role it plays in helping athletes like him reach their full potential. Whether he is on the court or off, Nico continues to strive towards his goals and be an advocate for the para-sports community.

Watch this video as Nico introduced the sport of Boccia to his grade 9 Phys Ed class at Eastdale Collegiate in Oshawa. The class had a great time, and Nico showed them how it’s done!

As we get ready for the Durham Region 2023 Ontario Parasport Games, we are inspired by the dedication and determination of athletes like Nico. With the support of his family and the community in Durham Region, there’s no doubt he will continue to roll his way to victory.


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